Greetings from Canada

Lamp [Homesense]; Turquoise Faux Croc Frame [Indigo Chapters]; Gold Mini Piggy Bank [Homesense]; Blue/ White Ginger Vase [Homesense]; Faux Peonies [Michaels]; Parsons Desk [West Elm]

After being completely enamoured and inspired by blogs from all around the world, I have decided to join the brigade! I am so excited to join the ranks of some of the most creative women in the blogosphere.

As I’m sure you already guessed from the name of my blog, I am from Canada. Toronto, Ontario to be exact! For those of you not too familiar with Canada, we sit perched ontop of the United States, with Ontario being right ontop of New York state (and not too far from my favourite city: New York).

Having an affinity for “pretty things” (much to the demise of my boyfriend…) I am hoping to bring many inspiring and aesthetic ideas into your lives (and more affordable options of the current trends). I have a deep love for interior design, reading, as well as a special place in my heart for handbags!

I’m always up for some great recommendations and I hope I can bring a few into your lives as well :)